Drama is Stupid

This is my very scientific deduction, after observing different forms of drama for about 26 years. I think most of us know that drama is stupid. I think that, sometimes, even those who love and live for drama must acknowledge how stupid drama is.

There are many ways to excuse your propensity for drama, many socially acceptable disguises for the fact that you either can't or refuse to control your emotions. "I'm passionate" they might say... but I've known very nice passionate people in my life. The only thing dramatic people are passionate about is obtaining and keeping attention on them. "I wear my heart on my sleeve" is another one... but if that is your heart, perhaps it is better to keep it hidden.

I've heard countless stories, and been witness to several epic displays of dramatic selfishness. The person who refuses to let the wedding day be about the bride and groom... the "friend" who tries to get people to go out with her because she is bored, instead of celebrating a milestone with someone else... that person who seems one wrong word from losing control at any moment... the person everyone is counting on, suddenly deciding that they are going to become cold and selfish and undependable.

Stupid, Stupid, and Incredibly Stupid. There is no excuse for the selfishness that is inherent in dramatic actions. Drama, by it's very nature, is a cry for attention. No person deserves unmerited attention at the expense of others, but some just don't get that. I am sure there is some sort of deep-seated emotional issue driving each of those actions, but I still bristle at the thought of even acknowledging this possibility because of the attention these selfish people may derive from it. I'd rather just stick to the surface level, and call Stupid when I see it.

I suppose I'm very frustrated with the drama I see in my life, the drama that hurts those I know and love. I wonder how much more joy could have been had in each moment, were those instances of selfishness replaced with selfless love and support. I've always loved those people who refused to let drama get into their life, those who know how to be selfless and loving... those who look at dramatic people, shake their head sadly, and move on with their lives.

If you are one of those selfless people, there is probably a reason you are my friend. If you are a drama queen, or whatever the male counterpart of that is... you probably don't want to hang out with me any time soon, because I'll probably call you out, no matter where we are.

And knowing you, that will probably just cause more drama. :-P


Sometimes I wish that my body would tell my brain how tired it is, so I could get some sleep.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't ashamed to tear up at movies and TV shows.
Sometimes I wish I knew where a money tree was.
Sometimes I wish I was a pilot with an awesome plane that I could take anywhere.
Sometimes I draw airplanes at work. I'm 26.
Sometimes I make up games to pass the time at work. I'm 26.
Sometimes I wish I was the person my mom thinks I am.
Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and live life more awesomely.
Sometimes I wish I was already a father.
Sometimes I wish my car was a Transformer, so that in traffic, I could press a button and have my transformer start running down the expressway. It's probably a good thing I'm not a father yet.
Sometimes I wish I knew the difference between "fine" and "fine". Since I've gotten engaged, this has become a more pressing wish.
Sometimes I wish I knew when to be quiet.
Sometimes I wish I knew when to speak up.
Right now, I wish I could fall asleep. I'll probably go try again.