Google, is this your way of getting back at me?

I got onto my blog today, after several crazy, no-blog days. The first thing I see is an ad in my "adsense" stuff to the right there (feel free to click on it, usually). The ad is one of those "...and I'm a mormon" ads.

Very funny, Google. Very funny indeed.

It is funny, though, how they actually have an ad campaign designed to let the world know that they're normal. Unfortunately, nothing can really explain away this...

I once heard these mormon underwear described by Mark Driscoll as "a onesy with a trapdoor".

*sorry if this offended any mormons... feel free to make fun of Christians when we do weird stuff, like, you know, wearing onesies.


I have a lot of stuff going on in my head right now, literally. I am super congested and I've been sick for the past several days. When I get like this it is hard for me to think straight or talk right. It is like there is a wall between me and the world, or even me and my own thoughts. Everyone sounds far away. Everything seems... distant.

I feel like this spiritually sometimes, as well. I think this proves that sin is a sickness... it enflames what occurs naturally inside of us to make us feel distant from God and keep us from thinking straight.

That is all I've got for now. Hope this all clears up by Friday!
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