The Longing

We were created with a longing for our Creator.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it. The best gift a perfect God could give us would be himself (followed closely by a MacBook Pro). Creation begins with us willingly choosing to fulfill that longing with God and His command, and we are perfectly fulfilled.

It has always been the Devil's job to entice us with lesser attempts at filling that longing, and to make us mistake rebellion for independence. His success in deception, and our short-sighted attempts at self-actualization, have led to this moment you stand in.

This longing you have will only be fully satisfied by your fully sufficient Savior; the God that you do not get to define, and yet the God who is everything you need.

That woman or man, that job or degree, that award or notoriety... it will only be temporary, and it will invariably fall short of what we long for. All of it is useless in our hands, unless we are in God's hands.

Do you feel the longing?