The Theme Song for those rejected by the Almighty

I knew this would happen one day...

Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
By: Violent Soho

Every day every afternoon
tried so hard but lost to God.

This time next year I´ll be married
this time next year I´ll say sorry
but Jesus stole my girlfriend.

I thought you´re my friend. I´ll guess again
I look to the clouds God gives me a frown.

This time next year I´ll be married
this time next year I´ll say sorry
but Jesus stole my girlfriend.

Try to talk to me again.
I´ll never even sing or do anything.

Jesus stole my girlfriend.

The band Violent Soho has written a song about the experience far too many have had. I posted this blog about a year ago about the phenomenon of young Christians invoking the authority of God in their relational decisions. Needless to say, it is at best misguided, and at worst irrevocably harmful, to use Jesus as a cop-out when you don't want to go out with someone, and especially a non-believer.

The decision not to date someone based on spiritual differences is a perfectly viable one, as this is one of the most important factors in determining your significant other. However, if you come to this decision, you should have the guts to convey this decision as one that has come from you, because ultimately it is your choice. Jesus Christ is most likely not going to come to you in a dream or a tortilla to guide your relational decisions. Even if He did, it is not your place to bring the infinite wisdom of the divine rejection from on high, to the unsuspecting ears of your would-be suitor.

So if you are still single out there, I beg you to have respect for God and the guy/girl you are rejecting. Have the guts to reject them yourself. It isn't Jesus' job to keep weird-looking people from liking you.

P.S. I'm glad God didn't tell Kristen I wasn't "The One" :)
I've been singing about my love for God for eight years. I feel like Kristen, my fiance?, is God's way of saying "I love you too."

You'll Understand When You're Older

You know those moments where you are listening to a song, or reading a book, or watching a movie, and something clicks inside of you? Those moments when, suddenly, you realize that you completely understand what they are trying to say?

I used to hear "You'll understand someday" a lot, because there were things I hadn't experienced yet. I had never been far from home with no expected long-term return (an hour isn't far). I had never been in love (real, messy, beautiful love). I had never considered marriage in any concrete terms, only in theoretical.

Lately, I've been having a lot of those moments. Apparently this is "someday" for me. I am halfway across the country from my family, in love and engaged. I never would have guessed this would affect the way art spoke to me, and the way God speaks to me. The depth of this new beauty is amazing, alarming, and quite unexpected.

Do you get what I'm saying? I feel like some of you will totally relate to this, but if you don't...

I'm sure you'll understand when you're older.

Settle for the Best

It is easy to make a decision. It is hard to follow through on the decisions we make, especially these days, when we can literally type in a few letters and see what could have been.

I rarely hear people speak fondly of blinders. We want to believe we are limitless, although our existence proves otherwise. What could happen, though, if we embraced our limits? What more could we do if we realized what we DON'T have time for? How much time do we waste on what might have been, at the expense of what is?

What if, for just a little while, we put proverbial blinders on, and made the absolute best of what was in front of us? I'm not saying to settle for less than the best... just that eventually, you will have found the best. Here's hoping you have the good sense to settle for the best.

Make Me A Sandwich

People like being in charge. We love to know that we are better, or more influencial, than those around us. We want people to listen to us, for our voice to be heard and taken seriously. We'd like to believe that we can affect change, and mold the world around us into our idea of a better place, but that's not necessarily our motivation.

Most of us would rather be able to say "Make me a sandwich!" and have a sandwich in our hands within a minute. We are selfish like that.

But God's idea of leadership isn't like that. God doesn't want us to use our leadership for our own gain. He doesn't call us to the pride that says we are better than others, or the selfishness that tells others how to serve us. He calls us instead to the love that seeks to serve others, knowing that our authority comes from God. If you want to be a leader, you can't cater to your insecurities by needlessly asserting your selfish will on others. If you want to be a Godly leader, you need to be secure enough in your leadership to spend your time serving others, even when it comes to making decisions.

Of course , I'm here to help you start living this life. You can start by deciding to make me a sandwich.