Why I miss having a band

When I say band, what comes to mind? I know for most, it is a guitar, a bass, drums, maybe a keyboard or violin, or a whole marching group... essentially, a bunch of instruments, and possibly singing. From this definition, we have a new "band" virtually every week here where I work, and I have lots of fun with them each week.

But to me, that isn't a "band". It is a group, a team of people meeting for a specific purpose. It's great, and people are blessed by it, but it isn't a band.

I want to be part of a group of people who create music and encourage each other, a group where each person makes the others better, a group that is a cohesive unit rather than simply individual musicians.

I have been a part of two such groups. They were amazingly talented individuals, but together we would create... I think that's what I miss most. I write so many songs, but the songs I write are rarely just for acoustic guitar. I hear riffs and bass lines and drum beats that I can't play... and empty places in the songs longing to be filled with someone else's creation.

The connection that comes with creation... I miss that most of all.


katdish said...

Not to shamelessly link my own blog (okay, maybe I am), but I wrote about this awhile back:
Leaving Holes.

Romi said...

AMEN, Richard! How I hear the desire of your heart and so does God! I have no doubt God will honor and bless you again with another band like you described. Keep pursuing this, k??

Btw, what'd you think of Keith's new CD??

CarlosVargas13 said...

Man you need to visit so we can record! We get free studio time at the campus!