Forever (God > Me)

I am tired today. God is never tired.
I went to sleep late. God never sleeps.
I painted some wood black. God painted the entire world and created ever color.
God also created trees.
I was born in 1983. God has existed forever.
I am six feet tall. God is infinite.
I play music. God created ears.
I listen to music. God created EARS.
I like my ears.
I hate waking up early. God NEVER sleeps.
I will die someday. God will exist forever.

I know God. I will be with him forever, because of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ has bridged the gap between me and forever.

Forever is so large, so hard to fathom. To think that His hand is in every aspect of everything we see, hear, feel, do, touch, smell, love, hate...

He PERMEATES our existence. He is OMNIPRESENT and we are where we are, most likely in front of a computer, slightly bored even while reading the greatest truths in the universe.

It's a lot to take in.


Jenny D said...

Not pertaining to your blog post at all, but I found it rather funny anyway.

I was reading through some Stuff Christians Like posts on my blog reader, (I got a little behind on that blog) and saw the one where you won the book.

You were posting about Tommy Johnagin. I went to high school with him! He's a year older than me, and I'm just reading along, and there he is! lol! He was such a ham in school! I found him online not long ago, and have seen a few of his videos online.

Anyway, it's a small world! Have a great day. Oh, my band's blog is

Richard said...

ha, that's pretty darn cool! and your blogspot is actually, but nice try :-P.