One Last Time

So my time at Central ends this Sunday, and I get to lead worship one last time in Campo Verde tomorrow at 11AM. You should come out and worship God with me one more time :).

My life now isn't the way I would have pictured it fifteen months ago. I thought I would have everything figured out, that I would be headed off to some amazing full-time ministry. Still, I wouldn't trade what I have now for the world.

I met my amazing fiance here, as well as some amazing friends and life lessons I never knew I needed. I now have a full time job and a place to lead worship (desert haven church@ 10:30AM), and I get to still be near my new friends and my fiance. I am getting married in five months, and that is pretty awesome. I love my life, and I love what God has done for me.

So I'm not bitter or angry or sad about leaving. I'm pretty excited about leading one last time for Third Format, and I suppose if there is one hope I have for the future, it is that the friendships I've made at Central would prove to transcend church attendance or distance. I hope that, more often than not, the friendships I've made here are the kind that last for decades.

One more time, come worship God with me tomorrow morning @ 11AM in Campo Verde! It'll be great... and I'd love to see all of you.

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Jason said...

We're going to miss you broseph! Hope the new gig is working out well.