I Have Known Heroes.

I have been privileged. I have known heroes of the faith; men whose lives challenge and enrich mine. I have been shown the way to live for God, by men who changed their towns and their world with the love of Christ.

One of these men, Van Hilliard, is an octogenarian who has lived more in his 80s than most of us have in our entire lives. He has smuggled Bibles into countries in Eastern Europe, helped start churches there, and served on Disaster Relief teams here in the states (and that's jus what I know of). This amazing man of faith fell and hit his head. He is now in a coma, and has been pulled off of life support.

I am thankful to have known him, and I know he will be completely happy to be with Christ... but selfishly, I think many of us hope and pray that Van will somehow make it through. The world needs heroes.

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