It's Not About Me

I have been struggling to get my mind around this concept. I find myself unsatisfied with life events and areas of struggle. My selfish theology wants to question God, to ask why this or that couldn't just be a little different, a little (or a lot) better.

But as it turns out, He is already making all things work together for our good. Our good is not necessarily a painless existence. Sometimes there is growth or empathy, or merely experience, that we will require in order to live out our purpose.

The fact is, we do not live for our enjoyment, but rather for His glory. Only when we realize this truth, will we experience true fulfillment and joy.

This all seems basic, but for some reason it just gets more and more profound. And harder to just "do".

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Steve Martin said...

We do live for Him. Or we are supposed to, anyway.

But we are sinners, and so self-obsessed so much of the time.

But He knows this about us…and has decided to love and forgive us.

He truly is a great and awesome God.

Thanks, so much.