Sometimes I look at everything I have set out to do, and I doubt. I doubt the calling, and I suppose that means I doubt the God who calls. I don't mean to, but it just feels like quite a bit that I am taking on. I work full-time, lead worship and youth, do grad school online, try to be a good husband and friend, and I'm trying to find some time to be able to get healthier. I don't know why tonight is one of those nights...

When the great men of God had any sort of doubt, it seems God himself would come and remind them of who He is, and who He created them to be. I am not saying I am a great man by any means... but I could sure use a visit right about now.

Then again, it could happen, and I could totally bug out like Isaiah. That would probably be me.

Do you ever doubt yourself and your calling?

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Corwen said...

Perhaps God is trying to tell you to take a step back from some things.

Maybe you ARE doing to many thing.

You gotta take care of yourself!