Power Source

I am one of those people who takes their phone battery to the limit. I have it charging when I can, but there are times when I see it going down into the single digits, with no hope of charging any time soon. I try to do everything I'd normally do, but simple tasks become difficult as warning signs pop up everywhere. Eventually, my poor phone has nothing left; it goes dim, and then dark. My 600 dollar technological marvel becomes a glorified fashion accessory because it lacks the power to do anything else.

Spiritually, I operate like this sometimes. In Philippians 2, Paul clearly outlines what must come before we live the Christian life. Encouragement in Christ, comfort in his love, and participation in the spirit are presented as pre-requisites to living in true humility, true unity, and true dedication to Christ and the world He so loved. We need to be plugged in to these power sources, or we too will find ourselves struggling with even the "basics" of Christian brotherhood and service.

We don't naturally serve with humility, and we don't naturally look out for those who don't "deserve" our consideration. We may serve, but we serve to feel good, and stop when the going gets tough. We may look out for others, but only until it is no longer convenient for us. We may try to change this mindset, and change this selfish heart, with the best of intentions... but we will never find success in our own power.

The only source of true Christian humility is the power that comes from finding our everything in Christ. Without this power source, we are perpetually running with a low battery. At best, we struggle; in most cases, we end up completely useless.

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