Jesus On A Crowded Street (Luke 2)

Luke tells us (or Theophilus, at least) that Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem for the census, and that there was no room at the inn for them, so they had Jesus in a manger.

No room at the inn. That means lots of people were there. Mangers weren't only out in quiet countrysides... Bethlehem may have been a small town, but from what Luke says, it was also an old town that was used by the government for gathering people who descended from there. The manger was probably near the inn, near the city and the torches and the noise and the bustling.

Amidst all of that hustle, the Son of God was born in a humble manger... like the babies born on subways or taxis or city buses or streets everywhere, children this world has forgotten.

Jesus never forgot those children because He was one of them. His lung's first cries for air were probably heard by passers-by, dismissed as the birth of another lower-class citizen. His first rest was the best rest the humble couple could offer him, and it was perfect in His plan.

There are places we wouldn't go, places we feel we are above, where He can be found alive and actively working. He hasn't forgotten the people there, His children... even if we have.

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