Congratulations, Overzealous Campaigners

You've taken all of the joy out of voting.

I mean, seriously... it isn't even about "facts" anymore (of which I've heard so many contradictory facts that I am beginning to wonder what the word "fact" really means)... although both Obama and McCain backers will point fingers and say it is the other camp that is doing all of the fabrications, claiming to be morally impeccable and bastions of truth. That alone makes me want to punch someone in the nose, but it isn't what I am the most steamed about.

It is the success of both parties in trashing my perception of their opponents. I mean, no matter how much I am convinced academically that Obama may actually have enough experience and knowledge to be a successful president, the old idiotic comments about him wanting to hand us straight to Muslim extremists and constant mispronouciations of his last name (Osama) and emphasis on his middle name (Hussein) make me inherently averse to voting for him. I hate myself for it, but the power of suggestion worked on me, and now I can't escape those perceptions. Plus you have the McCain Zealots, trying to make sure you like McCain with Christian voting, and questioning your relationship with Christ if you don't agree with them 100%.

And then there is the Obama trump card, constantly reinforcing the link between McCain and Bush ("a vote for John McCain is a vote for George W. Bush"), has left me unsure of McCain, mainly because Obama's ridiculous funding has let his message infiltrate virtually every home in America. That, coupled with the sheer old-ness McCain exhibits in any live speaking situation, has killed what would have been my somewhat sure choice. Then there are the Obama Zealots, constantly yapping their heads off about social programs that America "needs" and the promise of "change" that an Obama presidency apparently would sprinkle like fairy dust over the entirety of Washington D.C.

All of this has gotten old for me. So, although I am a registered voter, I have made a decision. Since there is no space on the ballot that simply states "Sarah Palin is a hottie" (check!)...

I will not be voting this November.

Also, I am withdrawing for every bit of debate about these candidates. I will walk away or ignore any conversation about the candidates, and if pressed, I will state my decisions and reasoning, followed by a rousing chorus of "SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! STOP TALKING PLEASE! SHUT UP!!!"

I would appreciate your support in this endeavor, and if I get anything else, I will promptly ignore it and/or make fun of you. Thank you :).


P.S. I am not apathetic, nor uninformed. I graduated with a History major and a Poli Sci minor this summer, I have heard about and researched and thought about this election for the past year. There is no choice, in my mind, that strikes me as more desirable than the choice to intentionally, purposely withdraw from this vote, although it may only matter to/affect me.


leanna jackson said...

ah yes, i love that everyone would rather attack the negatives of whom they don't support than the positives of who they do.

kind of how things are starting to be in areas of life apart from politics. people are meanie-faces.

Romi said...

My lips are sealed....well, almost! ; ) lol I'll only say that God is bigger than all of this and His plans will come to pass regardless of who lands in the Whitehouse. The end. Amen!