Blogging on Purpose

I've never been one to "blog on purpose". I never really tried to get lots of readers, although I did try to make friends and in the process got readers. I have two main blogs now, on xanga and blogspot. I also do the Myspace blog every once in a while, and the facebook note, and I have another blogspot where I rant on occasion, and I suppose this underscores my dilemma...

I don't know how to blog and advertise my blog and try to get readers to it. I just... I've never really been about that. My boss, however, has a blog that he is constantly referring to and trying to get people to. He is a young teaching pastor, so he has a reasoning behind it, a desire to connect with a younger and more connected generation. He can do more, the more readers he has, so he tries to get more readers. He is also an introvert, so he communicates through blog and email, even when only five feet and a door seperate us. Go figure.

I guess I am debating with this right now... whether or not to make this one of those "on purpose" blogs. I do enjoy the blogging platform, because it lets me communicate in a much more thoughtful manner than my usual rapid-fire banter. I know, in the past, that my posts have been helpful on my older xanga site to others.

That's where I'm at right now. What do you think? Blog on purpose?


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Richard - I really enjoyed your post on Jesus and the naked woman a couple of weeks ago and have been hoping to catch more of what you have to say. As for blogging on purpose, I'm new to it, but I find that I'm much more motivated to do this than journaling, even if most of my blog isn't all that spiritual. I can't say that more than 10 people have seen it, and I don't really care. Do it for yourself, and it will always be fun, and if you have a reader or two, that'll just be a big bonus!

leanna jackson said...

he raises a good point.

the only blog i have that no one reads as well. *shrug*