Which part of socialism would you prefer? (a rant)

1. The part in which we use our military to place an ever-tightening grip on our country while our economy and standard of living plummet and the world turns against us.


2. The part in which the government attempts to help out a struggling working class and the working poor, at the expense of big business and the wealthy (who are only in trouble if they have plunged into huge debt that necessitates ridiculous income in order to make payments tomorrow for yesterday's and today's decadence).

Today I got a text, telling me to "help stop the spread of socialism by voting for McCain!" I thought this was rather retarded.

Quite frankly, both of this year's candidates had a bit of socialism in them... and for now I'd prefer the liberal open hand to the conservative iron fist.

As for abortion and gay marriage... abortions actually went down under Clinton and up under Bush, because poor males felt more inclined to stick around with their unplanned families when they could count on the government's help, which caused women to keep their children. Banning abortions wouldn't stop them, it would simply create a cruel and unregulated black market which would put the women in more danger... if you are endeavoring to stop abortions, treat the cause, not the symptom.

And for gay marriages... I think most of us aren't worried about whether they get insurance benefits and get to visit each other in hospitals. I think it is about our children, and not wanting to have schools teach them that having "two mommies" is normal. So why don't we reach a compromise, instead of being inhuman to homosexuals. We show a wrathful and vengeful face to the world when we create an "us against them" mentality and rhetoric. (To those of you who would answer "God hates homosexuals... it's in Romans", I would urge you to read the context of the verse, find your own sin in that list, and realize that the point of the book is God's grace through Christ and His love and redemption available for all people.)

To me, this compromise would give them rights and allow them to have civil unions, but not teach about those issues until the seventh grade or some other arbitrary time, so that parents could have time to broach the issue on their own terms rather than have an authority drop the two mommy bomb on a five year old. Gay people are going to be together, so we might as well allow them to be healthy and well fed so that we have more time to reach them with the Gospel!

But hey, I didn't vote, so don't act like anything I say matters. I was registered... but it was 15 hours away. Let the judging commence.

I actually had two or three people tell me they were disappointed in me for not voting... I almost felt like saying "Oh, I'm just kidding! I actually went around the polling station slapping babies, but I voted!"

Just some thoughts as I "Remember, remember, the fifth of November."

The funny thing is, I could argue against almost every single thing I typed here. We act like we are right all the time, but we're just trying our best just like everyone else.