Distracted (in a good way)

History was made today.

I was distracted. I was busy getting materials for a new pedal board, and making loops to go with an amazing video. In fact, the inauguration wasn't even on my mind. I've been happily distracted for a few weeks now, lost in my life of music and... well, other stuff :).

I think it is good, though, when we are occasionally distracted from the world by our own lives. I mean, we should always be looking out for ways to serve, and for people to whom we can be the hands and feet of Christ... but sometimes it is cool to have a life interesting enough to distract you from the outside world.

Perhaps when you follow God, He will put things in your life that will consume your time, your energy and your thought.

For now, I'm okay with being distracted.

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Boy that's the truth. Seems there's a lot of people completely bored with their own existences, so they have be obsessed with the petty activities of others!