What I am going to be posting about this February...

Now, I have a new girlfriend, and some of you may be concerned. You may think that this blog is going to end up being nothing but literary PDA.

Well, you thought wrong :-P.

I have been inspired to write some posts this month, in honor of Valentine's Day. They are as follows:

Idea #1: Sloppy Make Out Songs for Jesus ("Your Love is Extravagant", "In The Secret")

Idea #2: The Inaccessability of women who claim "Jesus" as their boyfriend. I mean, who can follow that, really?

Idea #3: God Told Me You Are The One. (Then He changed His mind)

(not sure where i was going with the grammar on that one)

Idea #4: The Church Camp hook up.

I was going to give these ideas to Stuff Christians Like, but then I decided I wanted to have fun with them. Even if they were going to be read by significantly less people.

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