I'm late for almost everything.

I don't know what it is, I just can't seem to get going on time very often. It is as if a voice inside my head were constantly insisting "You have more time, don't rush!" I can get up a little earlier, get dressed and be perfectly ready to go, with 10 minutes to spare, and I'll still end up late. I'll get occupied reading something or cleaning something or checking emails or having a conversation on facebook, and take 15 more minutes, leaving my apartment in a rush.

I never end up really doing anything important, either. I rarely remember what it was that made me late, just that I thought it was the best use of my time. I do the same thing with money if I'm not careful, spending it without even thinking, having nothing to show for it in the end.

This week we talked about "indulgence" and what we do with our resources. I haven't been given much money, so I've been forced to skip most "indulgences" in order to survive, but money isn't my only resource. I've been given musical ability, time... heck, even our bodies are resources that we can spend or waste with our actions.

So when I'm late, and I have nothing to show for it except a few extra minutes of sleep or a random facebook conversation, I have wasted a resource. When I don't make time to work out and I decide I can do McDonald's or Panda Express "just this once", I am wasting a resources. When I only practice guitar or singing enough to sound pretty good instead of excellent, I am wasting a resources.

Which leads me to wonder what exactly God could do with all of my time and ability? What could He do with me if I were in shape, if I wasn't tired too quickly or too self-conscious of my size?

This may seem a bit transparent, but I am posting this in hopes that I will not be the only one to ask these questions, that this will be a conversation, not simply a post. What could God do with all of us, with all that we are?

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leanna jackson said...

i suck at being on time