I Grew Up On The Street! (Nostalgia Alert!)

The Sesame Street, that is!

One of my responsibilities in Third Format is to find the "Random Clip of the Month" and post it on the blog. In my searching for the best of the best, some videos make me quite happy, but don't quite make the cut. It made me incredibly happy to see these clips, with talented and relevant musicians and actors teaching kids how to count and spell. Since you won't be seeing them on the Third Format blog anytime soon, I thought I'd show them to you here :). I grew up watching Sesame Street, and I'm not ashamed to say it still fills me with the warm fuzzies whenever I see it!

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Have you noticed how Elmo has become the Don of the Street? He's everywhere! I learned plenty from the indecipherable ramblings of the two headed monster, thank you very much!