Web Presence

I spent the morning working on my "web presence" (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger). I have been influenced by Seth Godin's Blog for a while now, having been shown it when I first arrived at Central. The more and more I read his work, the more I feel I need to do more on the web.

So here is my question to everyone who still reads this on blogger or in my notes... what would you suggest I should do to have more of a "web presence"? Does the word "web presence" remind you of a ghost spider? Does the picture I used really creep you out?

By the way, that picture is an actual ghost spider. Did you know they existed? I didn't.

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Richard, thanks for your comment today. Seriously dude, you pulled out all the stops on that one. I've never seen you write so passionately about something. Plus you changed your web pic, so I was surprised to find it was you. Thanks for adding to the conversation.