Recent Worship Leading Videos

This is a big post, lots of music. These are from Third Format at Central Christian Church in Gilbert. They are some of my favorite songs, and I had a blast leading them!

"The Second Alive" - originally by Charlie Hall.
Video from November 1

"The Time Has Come" and "Not Ashamed" - originally by Hillsong United
Video from November 8

"The Highest and the Greatest" - Originally by Tim Hughes
"How He Loves" - Originally by John Mark McMillan
Video from November 8

"All Around Me" - Originally by Flyleaf, also covered by David Crowder*Band
"SMS (Shine)" - Originally by David Crowder*Band
Video from November 1

"Starlight" - Originally by Muse (this was an intro song)
Video from October 18

"Uprising" - Originally by Muse (another fun intro song, and as close as I've come to "sticking it to the man")
Video from November 1

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