Don't Slow Down

It gets scary sometimes. Life is a fast ride, and just when you think things are chilling out for a bit, you bank hard to the left and go screaming down a path you've never seen before. It's fun and exciting and invigorating and scary... but above all, it's necessary.

We live in an age where the world is at our fingertips. In a few keystrokes, I could apply for jobs across the country or across the globe. A few more and I could be talking to my friends in Texas, or my friends in India. We have opportunities our parents and grandparents never had, and those opportunities come with a purpose.

I'm not saying you will know that purpose, now or ever. I am simply saying that it exists. There is a reason your life is going faster and faster, and there is a reason you always seem to be able to take more than you thought you could. You were made for this world, and you were created for speed.

I know the speed is scary, but slowing down is a much more dangerous option. There is beauty in the almost reckless pace of our lives, and we'll never see it if we are constantly trying to find the brake pedal.

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leanna marie jackson said...

beautiful. & perfectly fitting.

i was just about to blog about being pulled in all these different directions & how it's exhausting, but beautiful. oh, irony. i love reading your blogs.