Average Joe

So, I am now where I never imagined myself. I get up monday through friday, and most of those days I put on clothes defined as "business casual". I fight traffic to get to work by 9AM, hopefully with some time to get some coffee from the break room. I then spend hours sitting at a desk doing something I can tolerate, something I occasionally love and more frequently loathe. By Friday I can't wait to just leave it all for the weekend, and the impending freedom creates a restlessness throughout our cubicled ecosystem. Now, it's the weekend, and tomorrow I will sleep in a bit before going and getting wedding registry stuff done with my beautiful fiancee.

In a nutshell, I've become average.

I am no longer a worship leader by trade... but I am still a worship leader (yay DHC!).
I am no longer a church employee... but I am still a leader.
I am no longer a student, no longer a leader of my own band, no longer a youth leader, and no longer single.
My life has changed, and it is good.

I am still creative. I am still talented, still personable, and I can still make people laugh. Who I am on the inside has only changed a little, just enough to shift my focus toward my upcoming marriage and the life changes that will entail.

As I sit there in my little metal box, waiting at that red light with the hundreds and thousands and millions, I am still me. I am still unique...

... and so is everyone else.

Before my days at Central, I used to use these blogs to put into words what my life had been teaching me. I was much more of an open book, and I miss that a little bit. I understand where they were coming from, in teaching me to be careful what I put out there, and certainly I will never again wax poetic on the specifics of my relationship or the contents of my breakfast. But I miss you being able to understand what I was going through, simply through a well-turned phrase. I miss letting you know that you aren't alone.

I want to be more balanced, more consistent... I suppose, more average.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Becoming an "adult" is a strange transition after years of school, and singleness. Congrats on becoming "average!" I hope life is still fruitful and fulfilling in the years to come.

Shark Bait said...

Who's idea was it for us to become responsible adults anyway?

leanna marie jackson said...

it's strange how that revelation that we're average is somehow still so empowering.