Settle for the Best

It is easy to make a decision. It is hard to follow through on the decisions we make, especially these days, when we can literally type in a few letters and see what could have been.

I rarely hear people speak fondly of blinders. We want to believe we are limitless, although our existence proves otherwise. What could happen, though, if we embraced our limits? What more could we do if we realized what we DON'T have time for? How much time do we waste on what might have been, at the expense of what is?

What if, for just a little while, we put proverbial blinders on, and made the absolute best of what was in front of us? I'm not saying to settle for less than the best... just that eventually, you will have found the best. Here's hoping you have the good sense to settle for the best.

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leanna marie jackson said...

indeed, sometimes in our over-zealous attempts to find the best or be the best, we're spread so thin that we miss the best.

i can attest to that as a single mom. it's so easy to get so busy giving zebediah the best, i forget the best part - just being with him.