Make Me A Sandwich

People like being in charge. We love to know that we are better, or more influencial, than those around us. We want people to listen to us, for our voice to be heard and taken seriously. We'd like to believe that we can affect change, and mold the world around us into our idea of a better place, but that's not necessarily our motivation.

Most of us would rather be able to say "Make me a sandwich!" and have a sandwich in our hands within a minute. We are selfish like that.

But God's idea of leadership isn't like that. God doesn't want us to use our leadership for our own gain. He doesn't call us to the pride that says we are better than others, or the selfishness that tells others how to serve us. He calls us instead to the love that seeks to serve others, knowing that our authority comes from God. If you want to be a leader, you can't cater to your insecurities by needlessly asserting your selfish will on others. If you want to be a Godly leader, you need to be secure enough in your leadership to spend your time serving others, even when it comes to making decisions.

Of course , I'm here to help you start living this life. You can start by deciding to make me a sandwich.

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