Freedom is Foolishness

In freedom, you don't know what you need to do to feel good. You don't know who to impress in order to get what you want. Freedom is foolishness.

In freedom, you aren't kept in one place. You are liable to be in different places each day, experiencing new and dangerous things. They call it adventure, but you know better. Freedom is foolishness.

In freedom, you trade what you've always known for the promise of something better. When is the last time you ate or slept in a promise? Freedom is foolishness.

Our hearts know this isn't true. Our spirits long for freedom. It is merely our survival instinct that makes us afraid of the unknowns of freedom. This is no small thing.

This is the reason the Bible tells us to die to ourselves. We need to give ourselves up to the unknowns of freedom, trusting the one thing we do know... a God who uses the foolish to confound the wise.

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