Not just different names for the same thing...

It's amazing, the difference a day makes.

But it wasn't so much the day. It was more than that...

God showed me something about hearing His voice for the oppressed today, and I realized that I hadn't been hearing Him for a while. I had things I hadn't dealt with, things that needed to be done. There were two things in particular, the second being a prayer time, in a quiet place, alone. I prayed to hear God, to hear what He had to say to me, and to see with His eyes.

I didn't get an answer. I was pretty bummed.

But I left that place inexplicably happy, and all of a sudden my eyes were opened to just how blessed I am. God has been speaking to me, telling me He loves me, by providing everything I need and want, in abundance!

I have amazing friends, all over the place... South Texas, North Texas, Arizona...

I get to, for at least the next year, play music and lead brothers and sisters in worship FOR A LIVING!?!?!? I can't stress enough how crazy awesome that is to me. I'd do this for free! (and had been for a significant amount of time)

I am in a place where I can learn and grow and make mistakes and lead at the same time... which is very rare, considering that other places wanted me to start music ministries from scratch or take over as the lead guy, which I was totally not ready for.

I have a place to live, food to eat, and I get to go home for Christmas.

But, you may be asking yourself... What is the point?

The point is, that when you look at your world through His eyes, you hear His love in every breath you breathe and every step you take.

I was reading a book, about a man named Brother Yun, who is also known as "The Heavenly Man". He went through torture and prison and starvation and isolation and every other hardship imaginable... but he viewed it with eyes fixed on the cross, and only saw how each beating was a blessing, and each insult an opportunity to show love.

I know there are times that I can show love instead of indifference, and that I need His eyes to see those situations for what they are. Through His eyes, you see the same world as you see with your own eyes... but there is meaning in everything, and direction and purpose.

That is the beauty of life with Christ. It may look like just a different name for religiosity, but it is so much more.

Who's eyes do you see the world through?

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

A great thought to start my day. I realized my prayer life this year has been pretty lousy. I've got to start connecting more with the Father, and as you say, see things through his eyes. Have a great Christmas!