Aviod Angry Sunsets

I am about to give you the secret to destroying me.

The quickest way to mess me up, the most efficient way to hurt me...

...is to ignore me, to stop communicating with me.

I would rather be yelled at, or punched in the face, than be ignored.

In the Bible, we are told not to "let the sun set" on our anger. We are told to deal with it then and there. But many of us are taught that it is okay, even admirable in a strange way, to bottle everything up and act as if nothing happened.

But people like me can't do that. And I know it's not just me.

I can't live with unresolved anger, especially toward me. I want to fix it. I need to fix it.

We weren't meant to live with unresolved anger. It destroys us from the inside, whether we know it or not. It changes our friendships, our relationships... it changes the way we see the world.

"Blessed are the peacemakers" says Matthew 5. I think God says this for a very important reason. I think He knows we live in a broken world, where we won't be able to fix everything. I think He's provided a way for us to right the wrongs in our relationships, because it is in our relationships with those around us that this world will see what this world was supposed to be in the first place. Every argument, every angry moment, is a chance for a redemption story, a small-scale Calvary.

And every angry sunset takes our eyes off of the cross.