Worship Your Heart Out

One of the people in my band last week told me "I want to see you worship your heart out." I wonder why that sounded so revolutionary to me at the time. A few years ago, I didn't know there was any other way to worship than with all of your heart.

It's a challenge, being a worship leader at a large church, to focus your heart on God. When I led worship for 50 people every week, or 30, or just 10 good friends, I wasn't afraid to be transparent, to lay everything before God and my brothers and sisters. Analyzing that time, I realize that I wasn't leading worship so much as I was playing the guitar and worshipping with my friends.

At a big church, that isn't necessarily the case. Being a worship leader is much less about community, and much more about staying out of the way. I realized that from a worship leadership standpoint, I talked way too much back then. Even today, when I look out in the crowd, I look for a friend to worship with... someone who will understand where I'm coming from when I sing, so that I am unafraid to "worship my heart out". Otherwise, the stage I am standing on can seem pretty lonely.

I imagine, when you have no one to connect with, the place you are standing can seem just as lonely.

I am so self-conscious now of the things I say and do... and this is for good reason. I am learning how to be a better worship leader, how to lead without distracting. I just need to remember to be a worshipper, as well. Perhaps it is time to be open, transparent, if not with my words than with my heart. I've been taught recently to keep my eyes open when I'm worshipping, to connect with people. I think I'm realizing what that means.

C.S. Lewis says that we are looking for someone who sees the "same truth" we do, someone with whom we can say "You too!?!"

So this is my goal... to worship my heart out, with my eyes open. If our eyes meet, know you aren't alone... that we are worshipping together. I see what you see. I feel it too.


Shark Bait said...

Very true.

I think it is something we all struggle with as Christian leaders: Trying to lead something, and still be followers while we are doing it.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

I struggle as a pastor with trying to put my own thoughts out of my head and worshipping during church. I'm so focused on what I'm going to be saying in a few minutes, that I often can't relax. So you're not alone there. But I've also discovered that I'm not just worshipping in church, but all week as I prepare messages. That's the same with any worship leader, I hope.

leanna jackson said...

i struggle a lot with being transparent. vulnerable. it is the most beautiful and most difficult thing. i can't imagine what it would like to be on a stage every week trying to lead people to that through song. props.

Tara said...

And isn't that exactly what we are to do? Worship is an expression of our hearts. So if our heart isn't OUT in the open being transparent during our worship.. then the worship is meaningless.

Good thoughts dude