Everybody Should Listen To Me

Whenever I read a story, I am asked to comment. Even status updates of long lost acquaintences demand my immediate feedback. The people on the TV screen and radio station insist that I text, call, or otherwise share my obviously important opinion. Restaurants ask that I rate them, and websites ask me how they are doing.

In short, I am very important, and everyone should listen to me.

What's that you say? You are very important too? Awesome! We can totally change the world by simply talking and sharing our opinion. Unless...

Unless everyone is getting the same message. Unless this world is giving everyone a false sense of the scope of their influence. Unless all of those comments, ratings, and opinions create nothing but a cacaphony of white noise.

But surely this isn't the case! I mean, why would the entire world perpetuate a false sense of power in all of us? It's not like we're all so easily satiated, like we all are satisfied with the illusion of progress instead of a truly changed world.

No, that can't be the case. I'd better go ahead and post this already, so that I can get back to telling the world how to turn.

I mean, what would this world do without me?
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