Turning Good Intentions Into Great Actions

I wish I could tell you how to do this, but it is honestly one of my greatest struggles. It is hard to get the feel of momentum when I do manage to get started, and I am both easily distracted and a procrastinator. I end up talking about a lot of things, but starting much less. Then I start several things, but end up continuing only a few.

Like right now, I would like to be working out, writing songs, growing the music and youth ministries at my church, working on my masters degree, doing a benefit concert with friends, learning the mandolin, reading the entire bible, and becoming a more consistent blogger. In the past, I would probably have started five of those things, and finished three. I am no longer willing to settle for that kind of result. The only problem is, I don't know exactly how to live differently.

I haven't started working out yet. I haven't played the mandolin in a while. I am on pace to finish the bible sometime next decade. The songs aren't coming, and the blog posts sometimes feel forced. I even fell behind on the concert stuff... Luckily my friends are incredible musicians!

I know that if I were to tell you I was working full time, going to Grad school, leading music and youth, and doing the benefit concert, you would probably think my life was busy. The thing is, I also spend about 10 hours a week watching TV or playing video games. I sleep too much on Saturday mornings, and every morning for that matter. I know I could do so much more.

So instead of a "how to" post, this is more of a "have you ever felt the same" or "how do you deal with this" type of post. I know so many of you are flippin amazing, raising entire families while doing enough to make me look downright lazy. How do you keep yourself moving? How do you stop yourself from staying still for too long?

The only time I want to "be still" is when I'm "knowing He is God" :-P.
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