Google is Your BFF

I've recently notices that Google knows me a bit too well. It seems to know what I need, when I need it. It keeps me updated on the world around me, and is almost always interesting. Google recently even started finishing my sentences for me.

I mean, even the ads on the side of my blog are usually, though not always, something I think is awesome. It's my shopping buddy, my source for movie info, and the place where I keep some very personal matters (password protected in gmail, so it can keep a secret).

Now I like every one of these facts individually. However, I've come to a very disturbing realization...

Google is becoming my BFF.

Is this how nerdy I've become? Does Google really know more about me than my closest friends? Soon, I'm afraid, Google will expect me to reciprocate, to sit and listen to its problems, and to cover for it when it has something else to do. I think that's a lot of pressure...

Look, Google... maybe we need to slow things down.

Please stop crying, Google. It will only make this more painful.
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